Miami, Florida is undoubtedly a slice of paradise. A seaport city in the southeastern corner of Florida and the Atlantic Coast, Miami is the county seat of Miami-Dade County. Not only does Miami offer a ton of year-round recreational options, but is also recognized for its cleanliness.

Forbes magazine in 2008 ranked Miami as America’s Cleanest City,” attributing its findings to air quality, open green spaces, clean drinking water, well-maintained streets, and recycling programs. It’s also known as the “Cruise Capital of the World.”

The city offers plenty of water activities via rivers, bays, canals, and the Atlantic Ocean. Residents and visitors enjoy fishing, boating, sailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. A monsoon climate creates ideal weather in Miami with summer highs between 73-80 degrees and winter lows of 62 degrees.

Holding the title of the third tallest skyline in the country with upwards of 300 skyscrapers, Miami serves as a major center. Additionally, the city is a leader in commerce, culture, entertainment, finance, International trade, media, and the arts.

Sports are a significant influence in Miami’s vibe. The city is home to the Miami Dolphins Football, Miami Heat Basketball, Miami Marlins Baseball, and Florida Panthers Hockey.

Students in Miami’s public schools receive their education through the Miami-Dade Public School System. However, there are a wide variety of respected private schools throughout the area. Furthermore, Miami boasts over 200,000 students enrolled in colleges and universities.

There are several modes of transportation in Miami including the Miami-Dade Transit and SFRTA that include commuter rail, rapid transit, people mover, and buses. The city is also ideal for walkability and bike-riding. For travel by air, Miami offers the Miami International Airport.

Median household income in Miami is around $30,000 annually with median home values of around $286,000.

Life is good in Miami.

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